COVID-19 Guidelines

as of October 21, 2020:

If you do not feel well or are not comfortable returning to the rink, please stay at home.

The RRRink has specific COVID-19 guidelines which must be followed by all participants. Adherence to these procedures is a requirement to participate in any and all RRRink activities inside or outside of the building. We will do our best to protect our staff, our guests and the public but we need everyone’s help following the Guidelines.

Players & Skaters:

  • Take your temperature before you come in. If it’s a 100 or greater, please STAY HOME!
  • You must arrive fully dressed and ready to put skates on. Locker, club & coaches rooms will be CLOSED until further notice.
  • You MUST wear a face mask in The RRRink at all times, INCLUDING while on the ice.
  • You must wash your hands thoroughly before & after stepping on & off the ice. You can also use hand sanitizer.
  • Please use your own drink bottle, food, equipment, and gear.
  • Keep all equipment and bags 6’ apart.
  • No hugging, high-fiving, or touching. Any group celebrations or other interactions must be at least 6’ apart.


  • Coaches MUST wear a face mask in The RRRink at all times, INCLUDING while on the ice.
  • Ask your skaters how they’re feeling. Please send them home if they are feeling sick.
  • Please disinfect any cones or other training equipment between uses. Coaches are the ONLY persons allowed to handle training equipment.
  • Please ensure lessons and drills allow for social distancing at all times.
  • Be responsible and lead by example.


  • Take your child’s temperature at home before coming to the rink. If it’s a 100 or greater fever, STAY HOME!
  • Parents must wear a face mask while at the facility at all times.
  • Please wash your child’s gear, clothing and equipment before AND after each use or teach your skater to do it. Please wipe down any non-washable hockey equipment thoroughly with disinfectant after EACH use.
  • Notify coaches IMMEDIATELY if a child is sick or has a fever.
  • Please supply your child with their own drink bottle, hand sanitizers, tissues, etc.
  • Please drop your child off at the door.
  • One parent may accompany a child age-10 and under, or those who need special assistance.
  • Please… NO SPECTATING!


  • Admission into The RRRink will only be allowed FIFTEEN (15) minutes prior to your session time. If possible, please be dressed for skating at arrival. If you cannot be ready to skate at arrival, your skater will need to get dressed within FIFTEEN (15) minutes.
  • Practice social distancing – 6’ apart from others.
  • Skaters must sign-in (name and phone number) when they enter the building and sign-out when they leave. A waiver will have to be downloaded and signed for each entry to The RRRink.
  • Upon completion of your skater’s session, we will focus on moving skaters out of The RRRink within FIFTEEN (15) minutes to allow time for sanitizing and space for the next session of athletes arriving at the facility.
  • No spectators or parents in the lobby while their child skates. Parents may enter the building to; assist their child in dressing, tying skates, or to sign a waiver. After that, they must leave the building and wait in their vehicle. If your skater is 10 or under, one adult will be allowed to enter and stay during their event.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the lobby.

These guidelines may change from time to time.